Authentic Launch Copy for High Ticket Coaches + Service Providers

Launching is your big money maker, but it can also be a heart breaker IF you don't have the right support on your side.


During your launch you want to wow your audience with authentic, engaging + most importantly converting copy, but with everything on your to do list, DIYing it is just too much.  Thankfully you can secure launch copy that converts without lifting a finger.

All you have to do is stop believing the lie that you can wear all the hats during your launch and instead hire a launch copywriter specializing in supporting coaches + service providers who sell high ticket offers. 

 Bravo! You're killing it in your industry....

...but that doesn't mean you can skimp on your launch copy and too often that's where biz owners get it wrong.


You know you have all the goods. Your social proof is there. You have a loyal following.


However, if you're completing launch copy sins like throwing together copy at the last minute, reusing the same words launch after launch or trusting a general VA with something as crucial as messaging, you are selling yourself short.


Good copy is big money in the bank so treat it like the star of the show that it is and make sure it gets Beyonce level treatment.

Hi, I'm Quiana

Launch Copywriter

I write attention grabbing, authentically voiced, conversion launch copy for coaches and consultants who sell high ticket offers. 

When I initially launched my writing business, I simply wanted to quit my teaching job and work from home while homeschooling my daughter. But, I quickly discovered that I didn't just enjoy writing, I'd actually found my zone of genius. 

Since 2018 I've contributed my copywriting and marketing services to credit unions across the country, law firms, medical practices, nationally known insurance companies, multimillion dollar tech startups, major nonprofits, Hubspot Platinum distinguished + international marketing agencies, numerous industry experts featured in Entrepreneur, Essence, TIME, Business Insider, and even a NYT Best Selling Author. 

Now, I focus my genius on exclusively helping established coaches and service providers launch or rebrand their high ticket offer with copywriting that connects +  converts. 


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My jaw is on the floor!

Soooooo I just read through the sales page and my jaw is on the floor. I want to buy this program my damn self.

Seriously, this is one of the best investments I've made. 

Each piece of copy is in my brand voice and ready to go


Tara Paton

Marketing Consultant 

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This copy is soooooo good!

You leveraged the testimonials and brand story so well. 

Several of them almost made me tear up! 

I'm excited to see how they resonate with my audience.


Career Mentor


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My soul is smiling!

I am so happy with the content. 

Thank you so much! I seriously cannot believe my website is done, and I literally want to book a consultation with myself after reading the content. 

You are absolutely amazing and I'm so happy to have worked with you on this project!


Rave Accounting

Virtual CFO


Launch Copy


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