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There's More to Content Than Words on a Screen

Freelance Content Marketing Writer Specializing in B2B Technology, Finance, Education + Marketing Content

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Are You Ready to Establish Your Authority?

One of the primary benefits of content marketing is that when done right, it can establish or build upon your industry authority. 

With this positioning, your company has a higher perceived value, more leads will seek you out organically, and there's a built-in level of trust.  These differentiating factors put you leaps and bounds above your competition that doesn't have an authoritative presence in the industry. 

"Positioning, most importantly positioning yourself as an authority, is the single most important thing you can do increase your perceived value to the market place."


- Frank Kern | Internet Marketing Expert + Copywriter

Is Driving Sales Your Goal?

Here's What You Get

Do You Want to Improve Your SEO?

Is Driving Sales Your Goal?

Content marketing and SEO are a perfectly paired duo. If you want your content marketing to be successful, you need an SEO strategy, and an SEO strategy is nothing without content marketing. 

When you make content marketing and SEO a priority, you will see an increase in organic traffic to your website, Youtube channel, or other content platforms through Google. 

To do SEO content marketing right, you need to know what Google likes while also writing in a reader-friendly way. That's where I combine my SEO knowledge and content marketing skills to create content that Google wants and that your audience loves. 

Fun Fact: 72% of online marketers describe content marketing as their most effective SEO tactic.


- Junto.Digital | Content Marketing + Web Development Agency



Do You Want to Increase Leads?y to Establish Your Authority?

There's often a misconception that copywriting is the only content to focus on when you want to drive sales in your business. The truth is, content marketing supports your copywriting. 

When you produce authoritative content, and you've built trust with your audience through your content, you'll find that your copywriting converts better because there's a solid foundation in place. 

"You have to tell a story before you can sell a story."

- Beth Comstock | General Electric Vice Chair

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