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Complete Launch Copy Package

Calling all high ticket coaches + service providers who want done for you launch funnel copy delivered to your inbox in just 2 weeks

Clean Officespace

You're over the launch copy struggle

You’ve been wondering how launch season would feel if you could just get authentic launch copy that sounds like you while building an emotional connection with your audience, hitting on their pain points and driving them to take action - without spending hours hidden behind your computer screen doing it all.

You can and should wear the CEO hat during launch season by delegating tasks that are outside your zone of genius. You deserve to:


  • Spend launch season working in your zone of genius instead of being stuck behind your computer for hours on end writing your sales copy 

  • Receive plug and play launch copy written in your authentic voice that connects with your audience emotionally, moves them to take action and communicates the value of your offer, without you having to lift a finger

  • Hand over all of your launch copy projects to one copywriter for a simple all-in-one experience

  • Get quality launch copy you can reuse during multiple launches to get the best return on your investment

  • Feel empowered that the messaging in your copy is going to grab your ideal client’s attention and persuade them to take action while sounding like your authentic self

Now it's time to stop imagining and start experiencing. 

Here's What You Get

Sales Page

We write your long form sales page for your high ticket coaching program or service offering.  

You get all the goods included in your page to ensure it provide the right balance of information, personal connection and conversion copy to help hit your launch goals. 

Email Sequence

We write your custom email sequence to guide your readers through your launch.


Whether it's a webinar launch, freebie downloadable launch or something else, we'll develop a strategic plan for your email sequence and deliver the goods with plug and play email copy.

Freebie Landing Page

Whether you're opting for a webinar, downloadable or other free offer to build your email list, we'll craft landing page copy to ensure you convert visitors daily. 

Alternatively, if your strategy includes selling an inexpensive offer, we'll craft copy for that page. 

Optional Add Ons

Paid Ad Copy. Social Media Captions. SEO Blog Content. Webinar Copy Optimization.

Complete Launch Copy Package Investment: $6,000
or 2 payments of $3,000

This is

"Quiana!!!! This is incredible! You truly have a gift. I think everything is perfect."


M Harris Studios

Photographer + Photography Educator

I'm so happy I found you!

"You did great work writing copy for my new course launch. I've been so busy + needed someone experienced who knew just what I needed. Great job!"




You captured our voice!

"You helped us save time + gain leads during our launch with your quality copy that captured our brand voice. You were professional and easy to work with!"


The Finance Femme

Virtual CFO + Business Manager

Woman Working Outdoors

It's time to stop the launch struggle...

...and start thriving with copy that connects with your ideal clients, combines your voice and strategic copy formulas, and takes your audience from "that's cool" to "I'd love that" to "here's my credit card!"


You know that once you have launch copy for your sales page, landing page, email sequence, and social media platforms, you can launch with a little less stress on your shoulders and a lot more time on your hands. THIS is launching like a CEO.


Are you ready?

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