Get Attention Grabbing Conversion Launch Copy Written in Your Voice 

...because there's something better you can be doing with your time, like running your thriving biz!

You’ve been writing your own launch copy and as your business grows you realize that DIYing the process just isn’t cutting it anymore. 


Let’s be honest, even if you enjoy writing emails, sales pages, landing pages and social media copy, it takes a long time!


Plus, if it’s not within your zone of genius, odds are you put your launch copy projects off until the very last minute. That leads to sleepless nights in the days leading up to your launch on the verge of tears + having nightmares about your keyboard because - overwhelm. 


Then, let’s not even talk about the volume of work needed. 


Long form sales page, landing page for your opt in, nurturing emails to your current list, welcome sequence for new subscribers, sales emails, social media captions to promote your offer, post launch emails - This can easily equate to 10,000+ words for one launch.


Now let’s add to the fact that your writing has to be persuasive, sound like your authentic self  articulate the value you bring and communicate urgency so your potential clients/customers are moved to convert now instead of later.

You're over the launch copy struggle

You’ve been wondering how launch season would feel if you could just get authentic launch copy that sounds like you while building an emotional connection with your audience, hitting on their pain points and driving them to take action - without spending hours hidden behind your computer screen doing it all.


You can and should wear the CEO hat during launch season by delegating tasks that are outside your zone of genius. You deserve to:


  • Spend launch season working in your zone of genius instead of being stuck behind your computer for hours on end writing your sales copy 

  • Receive plug and play launch copy written in your authentic voice that connects with your audience emotionally, moves them to take action and communicates the value of your offer, without you having to lift a finger

  • Hand over all of your launch copy projects to one copywriter for a simple all-in-one experience

  • Get quality launch copy you can reuse during multiple launches to get the best return on your investment

  • Feel empowered that the messaging in your copy is going to grab your ideal client’s attention and persuade them to take action while sounding like your authentic self

Do These Sound Familiar?

After writing launch copy for numerous 6 + 7 figure CEOs, I've noticed there are 3 things most thriving business owners are doing before they work with me. 

Struggling w/ Your Voice

Writing their launch copy then spending endless hours adding their voice, making it sound less wordy and revising it over and over and over (and over and over) because it just doesn’t sound good enough.

Pulling an All Nighter

Putting off writing launch copy until the very last minute because they don’t have the time to get it done or dread it so much it does to the end of the list. Then the days leading up to launch season are filled with sleepless nights and a keyboard that’s getting far too much nighttime action.

Launching at the last minute

Settling for using launch copy templates instead of outsourcing copy projects because the challenge of finding someone who actually writes copy instead of teaching you how to write copy is just too much

Launching without a strategy

The wrong launch strategy can cost you  time and money. Too often, launching without the right support will keep you stuck in launch hell that you can't get out of. 

It's time to stop the launch struggle...

...and start thriving with launch copy that connects with your ideal clients, combines your voice and strategic copy formulas and takes your audience from "that's cool", to "I'd love that" to "sign me up"


You know that once you have launch copy for your sales page, landing page, email sequence and social media platforms, you can launch with a little less stress on your shoulders and a lot more time on your hands. THIS is launching like a CEO.


Are you ready?

Introducing: Complete Launch Copy 

Done for you launch funnel copy for high performing biz owners who want to stand out in the market while selling to serve their audience 

Launch Questionnaire

During the onboarding process, you'll receive a comprehensive launch questionnaire so I can learn more about your voice, copy preferences, audience + the project you're launching. 

Project Kick Off Call

After reviewing your launch questionnaire, we will have an official project kick off call. This will run up to 90 minutes and it'll feel like I'm interviewing you, but I'm really gathering all of the intel I need to take your launch copy to the next level.

Sales Page

I will write a long form sales page for your offer utilizing sales page best practices designed to inform, connect and convert your readers into buyers. No worries, i'll include all the goods such as addressing objections, an FAQ section, and focus on the value of the offer throughout.

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

What's the Investment?


The investment for the Complete Launch Copy package is $6,500


a deposit of $2,500 and 3 payments of $1,400. 

Email Sequence

You'll get a custom plug and play email sequence of up to 20 emails include your pre-launch, invitation to opt in for your freebie, all emails from freebie sign up to cart close, initial onboarding email for your offer + emails to send to those who don't buy.

Landing Page

Whether you're opting for a webinar, downloadable or other free offer to build your email list, I will craft page copy to ensure you're converting visitors daily.

Social Media Copy

Your social media presence during a launch a crucial. You want to be consistent during your pre-launch and throughout the process to attract potential clients, get more email sign ups , book additional discovery calls, secure applications or get purchases outright. I'll craft up to 20 social media posts for your launch.



Founder of The Frugal Feminista

Thanks to Quiana's copy, I've been able to provide value to my audience, gain new leads, build trust with my readers and secure new opportunities. She is amazing, thoughtful, hardworking and reliable while being extremely organized and delivering on time!



Founder of Nourish + Soul

Quiana's services helped save me a ton of time in the marketing world which is new to me. Her content help on my email copy has been spot on and exactly what I needed. She is excellent to work with, listens to my feedback and what I need to deliver a great product. She has been a vital part of my business startup.

Hi, I'm Quiana!

I am a launch copywriter helping 6 + 7 figure business owners launch with copy that attracts their ideal clients, builds their community and converts their supporters into buyers. 

After saying goodbye to a 6 year career in education, I said hello to my love for writing and made it a full time career. 


Since then I've contributed my copywriting and marketing strategy services to credit unions, law firms, medical practices, insurance companies, tech start ups, major non profits, marketing companies, numerous industry experts and even a NYT Best Selling Author. 

My writing has been featured in The PennyHoarder, The Financial Diet, Business Management Daily, Thrive Global, She Owns It and more.

Now, my mission is to help thriving established business owners take the stress out of launching by delivering launch copy designed to hit their goals using my ABC Launch Copy Framework. 


Is the Complete Launch Copy Package For You?

Let's Take Your Launch to the Next Level

This is for you if...

You have a proven offer or are confident in your offer while being able to clearly communicate the value and what's included

You're tired of your current launch strategy costing you time you don't have to waste and money you shouldn't be missing out on

You want to stay in your zone of genius during the launch process and offload some of the tasks on your overwhelmingly long to do list

You want your audience to be able to clearly identify the value of your offer and connect with your brand through storytelling that sells

You have at least 60 days until you launch your offer

You want to actually relax, spend time with loved ones and sleep as you prepare for your launch 

This isn't for you if...

You don't see the value in investing in your launch messaging to best connect with your audience and take them through the sales process

You can't clearly communicate what your offer is or how it helps your audience

You want to write all of your own launch copy or fear trusting a copywriter to take over this part of your launch

You're not established in your business with the financial resources to invest $5k in your launch copy

You can't clearly communicate who you are selling your offer to along with their pain points

You want to customize what's included in this package service based on what you think you need support with

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This is incredible!

"Quiana!!!! This is incredible! You truly have a gift. I think everything is perfect."


M Harris Studios

Photographer + Photography Educator

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I'm so happy I found you!

"You did great work writing copy for my new course launch. I've been so busy + needed someone experienced who knew just what I needed. Great job!"




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You captured our voice!

"You helped us save time + gain leads during our launch with your quality copy that captured our brand voice. You were professional and easy to work with!"


The Finance Femme

Virtual CFO + Business Manager

Don't Let Another Launch Go By Without Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick and choose parts of the launch material I need?

The Deluxe Launch Copy Package is all or nothing. If you are looking for something specific without diving into the full package, you can schedule a launch copy VIP Day for $2,500. Learn more here.

What are the payment options?

A 50% deposit is due to secure your spot and the final 50% is due within 30 days.

What’s the difference between the VIP Day and the Complete Launch Copy service?

The Deluxe Launch Copy Package is designed for the busy business owner who is launching something new or wants an overhaul of their entire launch process without putting in the work of writing a word. This is a high end service that provides a high level of support throughout the launch process. The VIP Day is designed for the business owner who needs a thing or two done to complete their launch process. Maybe you just need a sales page or an email sequence instead of the whole enchilada. Booking a VIP Day will give you access to the copy you need and you get it all within 24 hours - no need to reserve your spot months in advance.

What is your revision policy?

Each piece of copy comes with 2 rounds of revisions. These are reasonable revisions only, not redoing the entire piece - though that has never been requested, I like to manage expectations :)

What’s the time commitment on my end?

I need about 2 hours of your time on the phone plus your revision requests and that’s it. We will spend about an hour and a half going over everything launch related before I write a word so I’m clear on your audience, tone, voice, and launch offer. Then, after delivery, we will have a final call where I’m available to answer any questions about your copy.

How far in advance do I need to book you to write my copy?

I recommend that you book me at least 2 months before your launch. Due to the depth of service provided, I like to give myself enough time to write the copy and provide any revisions if necessary. If you need something done quickly, I recommend that you book a launch copy VIP day.

How do I know you can speak in my voice?

This is part of my duty as a copywriter. I’ve written for lawyers with a very straightforward suit and tie business tone and down to earth “around the way girls” who cursed and used slang. As long as I have an understanding of your tone and voice, which will be discovered during our initial project kickoff call, we will be good to go!