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Launch Copy Portfolio

I've had the pleasure of supporting some brilliant businesses during their launches. Here are a few launch copy projects I've completed.

The Finance Femme

Industry: Financial Services

Title: Virtual CFO

Project: Website Copy

"You helped us save time + gain leads during our launch with your quality copy that captured our brand voice. You were professional and easy to work with!"

- Kendra Anderson


Dirt Rich Life

Industry: Real Estate Investment

Title: Urban Land Investment Coach

Project: Website Copy (VIP Day)

"Anthony (Dirt Rich Life CEO) loved the copywriting on his site! As the website designer, I also had more peace by hiring you, because I could focus on the design and management of the project instead of trying to write the copy myself. 


The VIP Day had a fast turnaround time with timely delivery, the copy was filled with personality and you were professional throughout the process!"

- Danielle Tucker

Website Designer

Mentor Me

Industry: Career Coaching

Title: Career Development Coach

Project: Evergreen Email Sequence (VIP Day)

"This copy is soooooooo good! You leveraged the testimonials and brand story so well.  Several of them almost made me tear up...I'm excited to see how these resonate with my audience. And I also got my first client who went all the way through the workflow you created and paid in full over the weekend!"

- Ashley Adams


The Adult Chair

Industry: Life & Career Coaching

Title: Founder of The Adult Chair Certified Coaching Method

Project: Long Form Sales Page (VIP Day)

"You did a FABULOUS job! Thank you so much. 

- Sarah Langhans

Chief Operating Officer

M Harris Studios

Industry: Photography

Title: Bridal Photographer + Coach

Project: Lead Magnet Email Sequence

"Quiana!!!! This is incredible! You truly have a gift. I think everything is perfect."

- Michelle Harris


Tara Paton

Industry: Marketing

Title: E-Commerce Marketing Coach

Project: Long Form Sales Page (Complete Launch Copy Package)

"I am so happy that I got the Complete Launch Copy Package. Seriously this was one of the best investments I've made. It was worth at least double the price.


Do you understand how game changing this is for me to have all of this copy ready to go? 

Each piece of copy is in my brand voice and ready to go. As I gear up for my next launch I feel so confident in my copy and less stressed because I didn't have to write it all." 

- Tara Paton


Truly Chosen

Industry: Relationship Coaching

Title: Dating & Relationship Agency

Project: Facebook Ad Copy

"These ads look EPIC! Awesome job Quiana! I have nothing but incredible things to say about your work. 

- Theora Moench


Trucker's Accountant

Industry: Accounting for truckers

Title: CFO + Accountant

Project: Social Media Copy (Complete Launch Copy Package)

What Our Clients Say


Kara, Founder of The Frugal Feminista

Thanks to Quiana's copy, I've been able to provide value to my audience, gain new leads, build trust with my readers and secure new opportunities. She is amazing, thoughtful, hardworking and reliable while being extremely organized and delivering on time!"

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