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You’ve been writing your own copy, which wasn’t a problem when you first launched your business, but look at how far you’ve come!


You’ve raised your rates dramatically…


You’ve invested in a coach to upgrade your overall business strategy and structure…


You’ve started hiring support so you’re not a one woman show...


Your expertise is through the roof…


You’re attracting better quality clients who believe in the transformation your offer provides...


Yet you’re still spending countless hours checking off all the "requirements" for writing sales copy - instead of staying in your zone of genius


You CAN do it, but at this point in your business you don’t WANT to spend your time writing copy when you could be speaking, coaching, or in front of your audience instead of being locked up behind the scenes writing. 


You know it doesn’t have to be this way, right?. 

You're over the launch copy struggle 

You've been wondering how it would feel to see your high ticket offer come to life in real time by reading your marketing copy. 

You want clear, impactful, attention grabbing marketing copy that turns your product or service into an experience.

You want to read your sales page, webinar landing page and emails and instantly hear your voice, your passion and your expertise as though you're literally listening to the thoughts in your own mind. 

Imagine how it would feel to have plug and play authentic launch copy that builds an emotional connection with your audience, highlights their pain points, addresses their sales objections, then drives them to take action - without you spending hours hidden behind your computer screen doing it all?

You deserve to:


  • Spend launch season working in your zone of genius instead of being stuck behind your computer for hours on end writing your sales copy 

  • Receive plug and play launch copy written in your authentic voice that connects with your audience emotionally, moves them to take action and communicates the value of your offer, without you having to lift a finger

  • Get quality launch copy you can reuse during multiple launches so you can stop reinventing the wheel and really get the best return on your investment

  • Feel empowered that the messaging in your copy is going to grab your ideal client’s attention and persuade them to take action while maintaining your unique voice

After writing launch copy for 20+ industry experts CEOs, nonprofits and corporations I've noticed there are 4 things most thriving business owners are doing before they work with me. 

Do These Sound Familiar?

Wasting hours of your time...

trying to write copy in your unique voice...before realize you don't even know what that is

Dreading launching the offer you love...

because writing your own copy leaves you feeling stressed out, frustrated and overworked

Settling for using templates...

because you're still holding on to the false notion that no one else can write in your voice or recreate your conversions

Waiting until the last minute...

to write launch copy leading to immense overwhelm and a keyboard that gets far too much nighttime action

It's time to break up with bad launch copy habits

They're not serving you, your business or your audience. 

You need & deserve launch copy that reflects your expertise, highlights the transformation your offer provides your potential clients, maintains your authentic voice, builds an emotional connection and actually converts without you having to type a word. 

Let's be honest, writing sales copy is not for the faint of heart and it's definitely not for the high ticket coach or service provider who is earning or approaching 6 figures looking to grow to a million dollar biz in the next few months or years. 

You know that once you have authentic conversion launch copy checked off your to-do list, you can finally launch with less stress, a lot more confidence and more money in the bank. 

Are you ready to launch the CEO way?

Introducing: Launch Copy VIP Day

Get done for you launch funnel copy in 48 hours, because why wait when there's money to be made


Schedule Your Discovery Call

Schedule a discovery call so we can discuss your business, your launch and the goals you have for your copy. While on the call we will determine where the Launch Copy VIP Day is for you. 

Within 24 Hours

Client Intake

Once you're ready to move forward I will sent your new client intake information via email. Just sign the agreement, pay your invoice, and your spot is secured. 

48 Hours Before

Submit Your Launch Copy Questionnaire

You will complete a questionnaire so I can uncover your voice, audience pain points, copy preferences, offer and more. Plan to spend up to 1 hour completing this questionnaire.

Day of VIP Day

Kick Off Call

On the morning of your VIP Day, we'll meet for the first 30 minutes.


During this time I'll ask follow up questions based on the Launch Copy Questionnaire so I have complete clarity before getting starting on your copy project.  

48 Hours After

Project Delivery

After our kickoff call I'll complete your project while you do whatever your CEO heart desires.


48 hours after our VIP Day you'll receive the final draft of your copy project. At that time you can give it your seal or approval or request revisions. 

30 Days After

Copy Metrics Review

Within 30 days of receiving your copy, you should review your metrics. If you identify an area that could use improvement, share your metrics + I'll make recommendations to improve your copy metrics. 

Your VIP Day Options

The best thing about a VIP Day is you can customize your copywriting priorities based on your needs. 


Write Copy

I can write your launch copy from scratch, so you're ready to sell on day 1. Copywriting projects include:

  • Long form sales page

  • Email sequence

  • Webinar/lead magnet landing page

  • Paid ad copy

  • Social media captions

  • Website copy


Revamp Copy

Already have copy written that's close but no cigar? Let me upgrade you! I'll revamp your current copy and optimize it for conversions. 

On the other hand, if you're just looking for someone to audit your copy with no writing involved, click here to book my copywriting audit service. 


Strategize Copy

If the thought of copy makes you feel like you're in the Twilight zone, you don't have to do it alone.


I'll develop a strategy for your launch copy from messaging to email sequence order and everything in between. 

Have multiple goals or want a bit of writing, a bit of strategy or a sprinkle of revamping, we can discuss creating a personalized plan on your discovery call. 

What's the Investment?
The investment for the Launch Copy VIP Day is
$3,000 for a full day 
or $1,500 for a half day

Payment plans are available



Founder of The Frugal Feminista

Thanks to Quiana's copy, I've been able to provide value to my audience, gain new leads, build trust with my readers and secure new opportunities. She is amazing, thoughtful, hardworking and reliable while being extremely organized and delivering on time!



Founder of Nourish + Soul

Quiana's services helped save me a ton of time in the marketing world which is new to me. Her content help on my email copy has been spot on and exactly what I needed. She is excellent to work with, listens to my feedback and what I need to deliver a great product. She has been a vital part of my business startup.

I write attention grabbing, authentically voiced, conversion launch copy for coaches and consultants who sell high ticket offers. 

When I initially launched my writing business, I simply wanted to quit my teaching job and work from home while homeschooling my daughter. But, I quickly discovered that I didn't just enjoy writing, I'd actually found my zone of genius. 

Since 2018 I've contributed my copywriting and marketing services to credit unions across the country, law firms, medical practices, nationally known insurance companies, multimillion dollar tech startups, major nonprofits, Hubspot Platinum distinguished + international marketing agencies, numerous industry experts featured in Entrepreneur, Essence, TIME, Business Insider, and even a NYT Best Selling Author. 

Now, I focus my genius on exclusively helping established coaches and service providers launch or rebrand their high ticket offer with copywriting that connects +  converts. 


Hi, I'm Quiana!

Is the Launch Copy VIP Day For You?

This is For You If:

  • You're an established coach, consultant, service provider or expert

  • You're launching or rebranding a high ticket offer

  • You have a proven offer + can clearly articulate the value it brings + the audience you serve

  • You want your copy project completed in days, not weeks

This isn't For You If:

  • You can't clearly articulate the value of your offer and the audience you serve

  • You're launching a physical product

  • You've never launched an offer in your business

  • You are satisfied with writing all of your launch copy

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This is incredible!

"Quiana!!!! This is incredible! You truly have a gift. I think everything is perfect."


M Harris Studios

Photographer + Photography Educator

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I'm so happy I found you!

"You did great work writing copy for my new course launch. I've been so busy + needed someone experienced who knew just what I needed. Great job!"




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You captured our voice!

"You helped us save time + gain leads during our launch with your quality copy that captured our brand voice. You were professional and easy to work with!"


The Finance Femme

Virtual CFO + Business Manager

Woman Working Outdoors

You're tired of being your own copywriter. Period. 

It's not working and you're long overdue for a change. 

There are enough reasons to dread launching without adding a never ending list of copy projects to it. 

The time to change your launch process is now. Don't let another launch go by still struggling with launch copy overwhelm. It's time to rebrand your high ticket offer with copy that converts. 

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