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Get your launch copy in days not months (without sacrificing the quality + conversions you expect)

Clean Officespace

You’ve been writing your own copy, which wasn’t a problem when you first launched your business, but look at how far you’ve come!


You’ve raised your rates dramatically…


You’ve invested in a coach to upgrade your overall business strategy and structure…


You’ve started hiring support so you’re not a one woman show...


Your expertise is through the roof…


You’re attracting better quality clients who believe in the transformation your offer provides...


Yet you’re still spending countless hours checking off all the "requirements" for writing sales copy - instead of staying in your zone of genius


You CAN do it, but at this point in your business you don’t WANT to spend your time writing copy when you could be speaking, coaching, or in front of your audience instead of being locked up behind the scenes writing. 


You know it doesn’t have to be this way, right?.

Introducing The Launch Copy VIP Day

Ready to check your launch copy tasks off your to do list ASAP?

Then the Launch Copy VIP Day is for you. 

A member of our expert copywriting team will work exclusively on your copywriting project throughout the day with full attention on crafting authentic conversion copy that sounds like you and resonates with your audience. 

Then in just 48 hours your copy will be delivered to your inbox for review. 

Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy. 

Launch Copy VIP Day Project Ideas

  • Long form sales page

  • Lead magnet email sequence

  • Ad Copy + freebie landing page

  • Batch of social media posts

  • Editing and optimizing current copy


The options are quite literally endless.

Personalize your Launch Copy VIP Day to fit your copy needs.

Here's What to Expect

Launch Copy VIP Day Black Friday Investment
Only $1,500


Schedule Your Launch Copy Consultation

Schedule a discovery call so we can discuss your business, your launch and the goals you have for your copy. While on the call we will determine where the Launch Copy VIP Day is a good fit for you.

Within 24 Hours



Once you're ready to move forward, you'll receive your new client intake information via email. Just sign the agreement, pay your invoice (deposit or in full), and your spot is secured. 

1 Week Before

Submit Your Launch Copy Questionnaire

You will complete a questionnaire so I can uncover your voice, audience pain points, copy preferences, details about your offer and more. Plan to spend up to 1 hour completing this questionnaire.

1 Week Before

Project Kick Off Call

We'll meet for up to an hour to discuss the details of your launch or rebrand.


During this time I'll ask follow up questions based on the Launch Copy Questionnaire so I have complete clarity before assigning your copy project to one of our team members. 

The Day Off

Your Launch Copy VIP Day

The big day is finally here! Your assigned copywriter will be working diligently on your project throughout the day while you're free to do your CEO thing, take a nap or whatever your heart desires. 

We do ask that you be available via email if questions pop up, but that's not required.

48 Hours After

Project Delivery

After our kickoff call I'll complete your project while you do whatever your CEO heart desires.


48 hours after our VIP Day you'll receive the final draft of your copy project. At that time you can give it your seal or approval or request revisions. 

This is

"Quiana!!!! This is incredible! You truly have a gift. I think everything is perfect."


M Harris Studios

Photographer + Photography Educator

I'm so happy I found you!

"You did great work writing copy for my new course launch. I've been so busy + needed someone experienced who knew just what I needed. Great job!"




You captured our voice!

"You helped us save time + gain leads during our launch with your quality copy that captured our brand voice. You were professional and easy to work with!"


The Finance Femme

Virtual CFO + Business Manager

Woman Working Outdoors

You're tired of being your own copywriter. Period. 

It's not working and you're long overdue for a change. ​

There are enough reasons to dread launching without adding a never ending list of copy projects to it. 

The time to change your launch process is now. Don't let another launch go by still struggling with launch copy overwhelm. It's time to rebrand your high ticket offer with copy that converts. 

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